Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) - Getting a handle on effective"hand hygiene"

Beginning this quarter, our blog post(s) will highlight issues and/or prevention related narrative focused on Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs)... We will specifically focus in on effective hand hygiene and other universal precautions.

The purpose of this series is to highlight the importance of hand hygiene in infection control for those working in healthcare settings and/or in the provision of public health services. We will reflect on research, resources, and health communication interventions from well known organizations like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). Organizations such as the CDC are focused on "saving lives, protecting people" as part of their core mission. This mission is consistent in supporting infection control protocols that target a reduction of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs).

Healthcare organizations and infection control professionals work tirelessly to achieve compliance with hand hygiene protocols. Despite ongoing efforts, measured compliance is undesirably low. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continue to support, through associated reporting, that healthcare professionals do not clean their hands as often as they should. Healthcare associated infections, or HCAIs, often develop as a direct result of treatment, or from the healthcare environment most often affecting patients and healthcare providers. Infection control, specifically adherence to preventative measures, is an essential element of public health, safety, and an indicator of quality care.

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